Guangzhou Shishang Industrial Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Shishang Industrial Co., Ltd. imports high-speed ribbon weaving machines, high-count computer jacquard machines, rope strapping machines, etc. from Switzerland and Taiwan. With the world's most advanced production equipment and many high-tech talents, it guarantees the technological innovation and product quality of Shishang Industrial Ribbon. Taking professional as the foundation and specializing as the foundation are our unremitting pursuit of quality. Attentive layer by layer, experienced fine products, every step of the design strives for perfection, and every production is striving for excellence. Now the company has strong technical force, sophisticated equipment, advanced technology, complete testing means, stable product quality, courteous service, good reputation, customer satisfaction as the goal, scientific management, continuous innovation, and has won wide acclaim from customers. Through the latest information exchange and cooperation with various clothing design agencies and packaging, and through the technological innovation of the product research and development center, Shishang Industrial's product development closely follows the international trend and grasps the latest international fashion trends. Ensure the popular trend of product styles.

Guangzhou Shishang Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Shiling Town, Huadu, which enjoys the reputation of "China's Leather Capital". , Computer Jacquard Division, Dyeing Division, the three core production departments, specifically for branded clothing, shoes and hats, bags, sofas, curtains, toys, tents, gloves, inflatable models, automobiles, electronics, sports equipment, extreme sports supplies, Packaging materials, medical equipment, health care products and various military products provide high-quality, environmentally friendly and trendy webbing. Based on the company's core advantages, after years of dedicated operation, Shishang Industry has become the pioneer of standardized management in the webbing industry.

Guangzhou Shishang Industrial Co., Ltd. is a member unit of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Textile Industry Branch. Trust the product. Obtained advanced certificates such as "abiding by contracts and keeping promises" issued by Guangdong Market Supervision Bureau. Sweat carries the past and hopes to lead the future. The future is based on service, quality, brand and ingenuity. Realistic people, today's innovation, forge ahead, leapfrog, development will build a more brilliant tomorrow.

Service advantage

Pre-sales service: Free shipping for samples within 1 meter needs to be paid in advance, all that can be taken are in stock, polyester, polyester cotton, cotton, PP polypropylene, nylon, imitation nylon, waterproof webbing, etc. can be customized, non-custom products 48 hours Delivery service within.

Service advantages: In fact, we still follow the business philosophy of "professional, honest, efficient, rigorous and high quality", abide by the professional ethics of "trusted and loyal", and adhere to the service policy of "serving heart and creating value" With the development strategy of "meeting demand and growing together with customers", we promote the work style of "honesty, down-to-earth, pragmatism, sincere feelings, real thinking, and real work" to realize the maximum benefit of customers.

Product advantages: The company has a 10,000-square-meter warehouse, a full range of products, can be ordered from stock or customized, factory direct sales, factory direct sales, you can also order samples quickly, high-quality, low MOQ!

After-sales service: After the goods are sent, the logistics information can be tracked in real time, quality control, goods tracking, delivery timeliness, service commitments: quality problems, returns; the description does not match or the goods have not been received, tracking;

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