Webbing factory teaches you the accurate valuation and identification method of webbing

2020-04-15 admin 340

In the business of making ribbons, it is undoubtedly that the quotation is the most important thing. I think many colleagues who make ribbons are very familiar with their products, and they can quote the price when they get their products. So if you come across a webbing that is not made by yourself, can you quote an accurate price? I think that is impossible. The ribbon factory below briefly introduces how to quote the most accurate price for a ribbon.

First of all, customers need to understand this webbing, and can answer any questions they ask.

  1. What type of ribbon is this? For example: ribbons, lattice tapes, jacquard ribbons, cotton tapes and other products, these must be clearly distinguished.
  2. What are the specifications? Need to know the width and thickness.
  3. What material is this webbing? Because the materials are different, it means that the price is also different.
  4. What color is the ribbon? How many colors are there? This also needs to be clarified. For example, a single-color webbing is cheaper, and a multi-color webbing is definitely more expensive.
  5. Do you need dyeing? Some webbings are dyed by customers, and the price of dyeing is different.
  6. How heavy is a yard? This is for the most accurate quotation. Calculate the weight of one yard, you can know how much material is used for this yard.
  7. Is it single-sided or double-sided? Some webbing has one side and two sides, so this should be asked clearly.
  8. There is a picture for reference. This is to give us a visual judgment of what webbing is and can give us a more accurate factor of quotation.
  9. How many are there? This is a matter of deciding whether or not to give the customer a discount. If there is a large amount, there must be a discount.
  10. Combine factors such as the wages of your own factory and the master, and the wages of workers.

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