Financial Manager


Company name:Guangzhou Shishang Industrial Co., Ltd.

Demand department:Business department

Job category:Business parter center

Salary range:Negotiable

Degree Required:College

Work experience:1-3 years

Age requirements:Unlimited

Work Location:No. 16, Ruiyuan Road, Furong Avenue, Huadu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province

Job responsibilities

Responsible for the daily accounting processing of the company's finance department, issue financial statements, and take charge of the annual settlement and settlement work. Responsible for monthly tax declaration, cost accounting, receivable and payable management. Review daily expense reimbursement payment documents. Learn about export tax rebates. Familiar with the financial operation process of production enterprises.

Job requirements

  1. High school degree or above, finance and other related majors have priority;
  2. Finance and other related work experience is preferred, and those familiar with the hospital's financial status are preferred;
  3. Have a keen insight into the market and industry development and strong analysis and judgment ability;
  4. Have excellent customer service awareness, strong business development and interpersonal communication skills.